Any employer established outside of France who dispatches employees (professional drivers) on French territory (road or river transport), must comply with current legislation. The employer must send in, before the start of the mission, a Posting of Workers Certificate to the appropriate administrations, and the employer must appoint a representative in France who liaises with the authorities. compliance with the new loi macron

Social legislation

It is compulsory for foreign carriers to comply with French social legislation.

Minimum Wage

Obligation to pay foreign employees the French minimum hourly rate (SMIC).

Liaison Officer

Foreign carriers must appoint a French representative.


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France has recently made changes to its laws regarding foreign transport companies using their vehicles ad employees to transport goods by road and river in France.  ASD Group is here to help you and your employees comply with the Loi Macron, the new set of guidelines governing road transport by foreign companies in France.

What is the Loi Macron?

The Loi Macron is a French law that was recently implemented.  It is named after Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister of Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs.  When he assumed this position in 2015 after a career in investment banking, he was one of the youngest government ministers in French history.  The purpose of the Loi Macron is to help revitalize the French economy and create new jobs; it affects many industries, imposing stricter requirements on some while deregulating others. 

How Does the Loi Macron Affect the Freight Transport Sector?

The aspects of the Loi Macron that affect international transport went into effect on July 1, 2016.  Under the new regulations, employers based outside France will be required to pay their drivers at least the French minimum wage for the time that those employees are in France.  The French minimum wage is currently €9.67 per hours.  Foreign truck drivers transporting goods in France may be required to carry documentation that proves that their employers are in compliance with the minimum wage requirement.  Another important provision of the law that affects the freight transport sector is that foreign companies transporting freight in France will be required to establish a representative in France.

The way the new process works is this: If your company plans to send professional drivers to France, whether France is the final destination for the merchandise or whether they are simply transporting it through France on their way to another country, they must first submit a Posting of Workers certificate to the authorities in France.  In these documents, they must establish a representative in France, and they must also agree to pay their drivers the equivalent of the French minimum wage or more during the time that those drivers are in France for the transport mission.  Once all of the paperwork is approved, your company can send its drivers to France, and the company’s representative in France will communicate with the French authorities whenever the situation requires it.

What are the risks?

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Loi Macron, especially as regards paying at least the minimum wage to your employees while they are working in France, can result in hefty fines.  Fines can be as high as €500,000 for a single violation. Some international transport companies and international organizations are unhappy about how quickly the Loi Macron has gone into effect, saying that the French government has not made the provisions of the law clear enough that foreign transport companies can be sure that they are complying with them.  Two months before the law was scheduled to go into effect, IRU submitted a list of 40 questions to the French government, asking for clarification about specific requirements for foreign transport operations in France, but now the law is in effect, and foreign companies are still in need of clarification, or at least of expert advice.

What Is ASD Group?

ASD Group is an international company that provides expert professional services to companies in the fields of international transport and logistics.  We specialize in many aspects of the international trading process, from customs and VAT to social representation.  Our headquarters is located in France, but ASD group also has offices all around Europe.  Our services include the preparation of declarations and other documents that you will need while trading and transporting merchandise and supplies in France.  Most importantly, when you need to establish a representative in France, choose ASD Group as your liaison to help you work with the French authorities.  We have been working as liaisons between the French authorities and international companies for more than 20 years, since many years before the Loi Macron came into effect.

ASD Group can make it much easier for your company to transport products and supplies to or through France.  Today, we work with more than 2,500 companies in over 23 countries.  If you need to establish a representative in France in order to transport goods in compliance with the new Loi Macron, then ASD Group should be your choice when choosing a liaison officer.  We will make the process as simple and streamlined as possible.  We will help your company avoid delays, and we will help you conduct business in a cost-effective manner while remaining in full compliance with the law.